Our Charge

This site is dedicated to exploring a variety of media – films, video games, music, installation art, net/web art, literature – in an attempt to outline and a common trajectory towards depth, ambience and immersion in the arts. We intend to feature work, both our own and by others, that demand sustained attention, contemplation and active imagination on the part of the viewer and which provoke a heightened awareness of space, of distance between elements and the resonance between them. We believe there is an impossibility , but are nevertheless drawn to the mystery of things we can never know. Many of the pieces herein express a sense of loneliness, remoteness and estrangement, which is a symptom of living in the outside, at the margins of representation and identification.

The focus of the articles, essays and works featured on the site is meant to be imprecise, to include rather than exclude, so that a more productive synergy can take place among different perspectives and voices.  Deep media is better left unspecified, an approximation rather than a definition, a feeling rather than a mission. Therefore, the site may at times appear to be lose, but that’s okay. That’s how it ought to be.

To live in the world of creation — to get into it and stay in it — to frequent it and haunt it — to think intently and fruitfully – to woo combinations and inspirations into being by a depth and continuity of attention and meditation — this is the only thing — and I neglect it, far and away too much; from indulgence, from vagueness, from inattention, and from a strange nervous fear of letting myself go. If I vanquish that nervousness, the world is mine. – Henry James


Dave Walker

Jon Lee

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